Used Golf carts for sale in Kansas City.


We offer quality used golf carts in the Kansas City area.  Whether you are looking for Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha – Gas or Electric – we can help.  Please keep in mind that Covid-19 has caused production delays at all of the major golf cart manufacturers.  With the demand in the market being uncertain and the lack of availability of certain parts,  they have had to cut back on production. Not only that but they have scaled back work forces due to employee safety issues. This has caused the demand for used carts to increase and of course prices have risen as well.  

 We are not the biggest used golf cart cart dealer in the city but the carts we do offer are good, solid golf carts at fair prices. 

If you don’t have a trailer to pick the cart up, we can deliver it for you.

Please check back often as we are continuously working on finding good quality used carts to increase our inventory.

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Cart has been SOLD!!!

2016  Yamaha – Electric 48v 

Whether you want to play 18 holes, drive out to the mailbox or let the kids drive down to the pool, this cart will get you there.  It is as new as you can get without it being off the showroom floor.  This cart was stored for years in a vacation home and has seen very little use.

This cart will go 20 mph.  Most stock golf carts will run 14/15 mph. 

It is an Electric cart with a 48 volt system.  It has 6 batteries, each with 8 volts of power.  Also, for easy maintenance,  the Trojan Hydro-link watering system is included.  This makes adding water to the batteries very quick and easy.   No messy spills.

Trojan Batteries – these are NOT refurbished batteries.

A Yamaha charger with an automatic shutoff is included.  It plugs into any regular grounded outlet.  Plug it in and it shuts off when the cart is fully charged.

Windshield flips down on warmer days so you can catch a breeze and flips up in the fall and winter to help keep the cold off. 

Mirror bar included for safety.   Digital battery meter to keep track of your battery usage.  Rear seat for extra passengers and the included armrests have recessed drink holders.  You can also flip the rear seat down and use the cart for hauling.  Front/Rear lights for night driving. 

New Custom tires – they still have the nubs on them.

Asking:  $6,500.00  !!!!!!! 

Call or Text: 913-333-2340