Best Golf Cart Batteries:  Trojan Batteries

Trojan Golf Cart batteries are the most recommended battery for electric golf cart applications.   In numerous tests, these batteries have shown superior performance and longer lifespans.  This means that your golf cart will get the best power and speed and will last the longest – on average of 5-6 years (with proper maintenance).

Trojan Golf Cart Battery - 6V

Trojan T-105  6V Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan Golf Cart Battery - 8V

Trojan T-875  8V Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan T-1275  12V Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan Battery Deep Cycle 8v Comparison Test

Will These Batteries Work In My Golf Cart?

Yes, they will work in your golf cart and here’s why.  The majority of golf carts in use today are standard carts. Which means the carts don’t require special power requirements to push aftermarket controllers and motors. The batteries shown below are the standard golf cart battery options that will work for 95% of all golf carts. In addition to powering the cart, these batteries have plenty of power for any accessories you may have on your cart like lights, USB ports, charge meters or stereos. And last but not least,  the batteries will work for any power configurations (36v, 48v, etc..) and can be installed in all golf carts including EZGO, Yamaha or Club Car.

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